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    Fungus Cultivating Box(humidity)


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    Serve for environmental protection, hygiene and anti-epidemic, pharmaceutical test, workstock and aquatic products etc. Which applied in scientific research institute, college and manufacture department. It is a dedicated constant-temperature equipment for analysis of water body, cultivation and storage of bacteria, moulds and microorganisms, plant cultivation and seed-breeding test.
    1. Working chamber is made of high quality corrosion-resistant stainless steel. The shell is made of high quality steel plate, surface processing with static spraying plastic. Dual-layer toughened glass observation window. The shelf is made of stainless steel, and can be adjustable. It is easy and convenient to use. With a beautiful and novel appearance.
    2. The compressors with over-pressure and under-pressure protected device. Intelligent refrigeration without frost. Have self-checking on-and-off control program, low noise, long life, low temperature fluctuation.
    3. Omnidirectional tridimensional heating technology, assure temperature within the working chamber even. With independently-controlled Lighting lamp and sterilizing lamp inside to observe the objects and sterilizing.
    4. Reasonable designed air channel structure, breeze airflow circulating designed, to assure the temperature within the working chamber even.
    5. adopt imported humidity sensor and advanced humidification technology. Humidity control accuracy, quick speed humidification, humidity even.
    6. Second grade saved automatic input water, alarm function when lack of water. Suitable for Fungus cultivating.
    7. Temperature controller adopt high speed, high performance CPU handling chip. High sensitive, high precision platinum resistance sensor. Have fixed program control function of “Resume By Alarm”, “ Close By Alarm”, “Working By Alarm”. Timing time is 0-99Hours.
    8. Temperature controller is with sensor malfunction alarm, low/high temperature deviation alarm. Over-temperature alarm. Parameters memory. Temperature display emendation. Self-diagnosing dynamic control technology.
    9. Temperature controller and humidity controller connected for operation, advanced dynamic control technology make the temperature and humidity best status.
    10. Independent alarm system for temperature-limiting ensures experiments run safety and no accident would happen. (Option)