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    Low Temperature Bath


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    Provided to colleges, industrial and mining enterprises and scientific research departments for precise constant temperature and auxiliary heating or refrigeration.
    1. Working chamber and top cover is made of stainless steel. With a beautiful and novel appearance.
    2. The compressors with over-pressure and under-pressure protected device. Intelligent refrigeration without frost. Have self-checking on-and-off control program, low noise, long life, low temperature fluctuation. Refrigeration device Built-in.
    3. Temperature controller adopt high speed, high performance CPU handling chip. High sensitive, high precision platinum resistance sensor. Have fixed program control function of “Resume By Alarm”, " Close By Alarm”, "Working By Alarm”. Timing time is 0-99Hours.
    4. Temperature controller is with sensor malfunction alarm, low/high temperature deviation alarm. Over-temperature alarm. Parameters memory. Temperature display emendation. Self-diagnosing dynamic control technology.
    5. Advanced inner and outer cycled pump system. Inner cycle make the temperature even and constant, outer cycle pump output 5L/min.